Practice Ideas For Parents

Having trouble practicing?  Here are some ideas that might help.
First and most importantly let your teacher know that you are having trouble and ask for some ideas
Pick the same time every day to practice so it becomes a routine
Leave the violin out in a safe place so that it is easily accessible
Create a “Practice space”  with music stand, music, instrument, tuner, metronome etc.”
Use games to make it fun
Roll dice to determine repetitions
Count repetitions with pennies, skittles, m&m’s etc.
Have a practice plant in the practice area that “might wither if it doesn’t hear music every day”

Instrumental Rental
It is of utmost importance to have a quality instrument for the student to play.  It is very difficult to make a good sound on a violin that is of inferior quality and much easier if the violin is of professional quality.  The cost of renting a very good violin is worth every penny what the student begins to play.  There are so many variable to take into account including bridge hight, neck placement, strings, bow etc. 

Do not purchase or rent an instrument without your teachers consent.  We highly recommend renting from “The Violin Shop”  where rentals are very affordable (approx. $25 dollars a month with a quarterly and yearly agreements).  There is a yearly $35 insurance that cover 3 accidents that may (but hopefully will not) happen to the instrument.  Please visit “” but do not rent an instrument before speaking to your teacher. We have an arrangement and can bring an instrument to one of your lessons and can help you fill out the necessary paperwork.

Instrument Rental Chart

Make-Up Policy

Lighthouse Suzuki Strings Make-Up Policy states that in the case of a missed lesson there must be 24 hours notice of cancelation and ONE lesson per semester can be made up. 

The Make-up dates are May 25-26, 2010 and no lessons will be made up outside of those dates.  In the event of the teacher missing a lesson there will be a makeup lesson scheduled at the convenience of both teacher and student except in the event of teacher illness where one lesson per year may be missed.