What Is Expected

The Suzuki Method is very much parentally oriented. It differs from some traditional methods in that the parent does not just drop the student off for the lesson. The parent is very active in the learning process. When choosing to take music lessons with a Suzuki teacher there is a certain amount of commitment involved.

The “Suzuki Triangle” represents PARENT, TEACHER, and CHILD. The teacher has the role of education both parent and child at the weekly lessons. Then the parent acts as the “home teacher” for daily practice during the week. Make sure communication with the teacher is very clear. If you are not sure what to do always ask.

Here are some things that are expected of the “home teacher”:

  • Attend every lesson
  • Simply OBSERVE at the lessons and as difficult as it is, try very hard not to make comments. Only ask questions of the teacher if you need to
  • Take careful notes so you know exactly what to do at home
  • Create a positive learning environment at home. For example: create a practice space that is free of commotion, fill the daily environment with music especially the Suzuki recording, have respect for music yourself, have the attitude that practice and dedication to learning is important, avoid negative responses to every situation, always make it fun and enjoyable for both you and your child
  • Play the recording for you student EVERY DAY. It is definitely the “home teacher’s” responsibility to put to recording on. LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN
  • Practice daily with your child, doing in practices what was asked of the teacher. Use your notes
  • Make sure practices include review of the repertoire the student already knows
  • Communicate with the teacher absolutely EVERYTHING they cannot help if they do not know